ALTCOIN – Alternative Coin Platform Crypto currency PHP Script


Altcoin is a combination of two words: “alt” and “coin”. alt is short for alternative and coin signifies currency.

Thus together they imply a category of cryptocurrency that is alternative to the digital currency Bitcoin.
ALTCOIN is and perfect and complete platform for create your own crypto currency system.

This Script Developed with PHP Laravel, Fully Responsive, Auto-Update Bitcoin & ALTCOIN Price Chart, Roadmap & Many More….



Frontend :

Backend – Admin Access:

Admin Username: admin
Admin Password: admin


☵ Fully Responsive.
☵ Multi color Support Templates.
☵ HASH Explorer Facility.
☵ Price Graph.
☵ RoadMap Included.
☵ Easy to Registration.
☵ Unique User Dashboard.
☵ Transactions History.
☵ ALTCOIN History.
☵ BitCoin History.
☵ Easy to Buy ALTCOIN.
☵ Easy to Sell ALTCOIN.
☵ Oneclick Convert.
☵ Profile Management.
☵ Password Manager.
☵ Security Portal.
☵ Verify Document Section.
☵ Two Factor Authenticator.
☵ 24×7 Auto Price Update.
☵ EMAIL Notification.
☵ SMS Notification.


☵ Users Management.
☵ Users Transaction Log.
☵ Broadcast Email Management.
☵ Documents Management.
☵ Banned Users Management.
☵ Withdraw Requests Management.
☵ Withdraw Log.
☵ Refund Log.
☵ Deposit Method Management.
☵ Deposit Requests Management.
☵ Deposit List Management.
☵ General Settings Management.
☵ Email Settings.
☵ SMS Settings.
☵ Logo and Icon.
☵ Banner / Slider.
☵ About Section Management.
☵ Service Section Management.
☵ Timeline Management.
☵ Contact Information Management.
☵ Footer Content Management.
☵ Charge / Commision Management.
☵ Price Management.
☵ Policy & Terms Management.

Update Log’s: (04-02-2018)

⚝ Installation System Updated.
⚝ Transaction Problem Solve.
⚝ Responsive Issue Solve.
⚝ Payment Method Updated.
⚝ Deposit Bug’s Solve.
⚝ Security System Updated.

We offer free installation for script – Contact Our Support For Scripts Installation.


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